Announcing National PTA’s 50th year of REFLECTIONS!

What is Reflections? It is a national art program that encourages kids from every grade to create art!
Each year there is a theme that must be considered when creating and this year it is “HEROES AROUND ME”

Start making now! Deadline for submission is October 22th.
Your child can create in the following mediums: Photography, Dance Choreography, Writing, Fine Art, Music Composition, and Filmmaking!
Entry Forms, Rules and more details will be sent out soon!

Entry Form

Additional Information Rules: Click Here

While this is a competition and the selections at each level can go on to win prizes and be celebrated at a National PTA Exhibition we put most of the focus at our school on encouraging kids to express themselves through art. Please work with your artist children to discuss the theme and create thoughtful works to submit. For inspiration you can view a slideshow of the 2018 winners:

See The 2018 Winners

We will be hosting art making events on campus and there will be a special celebration on October 25th for all the participants.
Fine art is displayed on the walls in the auditorium and all other entries will have the opportunity to be shown on a big screen or played for all to hear either in person or via recording.

If you love the Roosevelt Talent Show, then you’ll LOVE Reflections! You can write, sing, dance and more!

Join us for the following art activities to get inspired and start on your Reflections Project!

Popcorn Friday – September 27th

Come by our table to get inspired and start making!

Kinder & TK Lunchtime Activites

Berukhim, Handelman, Mendelson 11:45 – 12:30 on October 3rd

Franchi (tk) Carey, Jauregui 12:10-12:55

October 5th

11:30-12:15  First Lunch (4th and 5th Grades)

11:55-12:40 Second Lunch (3rd & 2nd Grades)
Goldman (2), Guzman (2), Donohoe (2)

12:15-1:00 Third Lunch (1st & 2nd Grades)
Nitti (2), Mathewson (2), Choe (2), Boskin

Parents – we need volunteers!

Please help us make this a terrific event for the kids! If you have questions or want to get involved, please email:

To Volunteer on the Reflections Committee please sign up here:

 If you want to suggest a theme for next years Reflections event click here: