Dad’s Club

Dad’s Club is involved in great service projects for the school as well as some fun stuff for the dads. Our success depends upon each of us bringing our special talents to the table and working as a team. It’s not just enough to sign up, we need to SHOW UP! Help is needed before and after any major school event with heavy lifting, occasional ladder climbing, and setup/cleanup – so come when you can!

Save the dates for this year’s Dad’s Club events: Poker Night, Pinewood Derby @ Carnival,  and Camping on Campus.

Joining Dad’s Club is a great way to get to know teachers, parents, and staff. You’ll feel good knowing your kids are in a safe place and part of a great, engaged community. Please help in our efforts to solicit local businesses for tax-deductible donations, gift cards, tickets, etc that we can use for prizes at Poker Night.

To get involved, please email