Enrollment Information

For the most up-to-date enrollment information, click here for the SMMUSD guidelines, or visit the Main Office.

What You Need…

Again, the SMMUSD Guidelines are the most accurate, but in general the list below is and example of the information you will need to bring to the Main Office in order to receive an Enrollment Package.

  1. The following original documents are needed to verify your address:
    • Photo ID
    • Lease/rental agreement or property tax bill/escrow papers if recently purchased property AND
    • Any 2 of the following documents dated within one month of enrollment. (If you pay your bills online, you may print out a PDF of your actual statement, no screen shots):
      • Gas bill
      • Electric bill
      • Water Bill
      • Letter from gas, water, or electric company verifying you have started service.
      • Bank Statement
      • Credit Card Statement
      • Insurance Statement (ex: auto, renters, medical)
  2. Your Child’s Immunization Record is required for school entry.
  3. Your child’s original birth certificate, baptismal certificate or passport to prove your child is five years old on or before September 1st, the year of enrollment.


New Law as of January 1, 2016 requires that all students have current immunizations.

Personal beliefs exemptions will no longer be allowed in any public or private California school. Health and Safety Code, Division 105, Part 2, Chapter 1, Sections 120325-120380; California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Division 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter 8, Sections 6000-6075

Parents’ Guide to Immunizations & Enrollment

What You Will Need at Registration

  • Bring your child’s Immunization Record. YOU CANNOT REGISTER WITHOUT IT. The Immunization Record must show the date for each required shot above. If you do not have an Immunization Record, or your child has not received all required shots, call your doctor now for an appointment.
  • If a licensed physician determines a vaccine should not be given to your child because of medical reasons, submit a written statement from the physician for a medical exemption for the missing shot(s).
  • You must also submit an immunization record for all required shots not exempted.
  • Questions? Visit ShotsForSchool.org.