Navigating The PTA

There are tons of ways information gets communicated at Roosevelt and there is definitely the correct way to navigate the system. Unfortunately, there are also lots of ways to misuse the system (usually unintentionally) and this leads to a variety of problems.

This page contains some important (but sometimes missed) pieces of information for anyone running an event or other activity at school that may require widespread communication or planning. If there are other questions, please contact the PTA President at

You Have Questions…

  • How do I get a flyer sent home in the Wednesday folders?
  • What if I need to sell something using the credit card machine?
  • What should I use to hang posters up in the hallways?
  • Who makes those banners that I see hanging for school events?
  • How do things get added to the Teddy Times or a Room Rep email?

Getting Approval:

Any information (not coming from a Teacher) that goes out to students or parents must be first approved by the Principal for content. If the item is PTA-related, it must also be approved by the PTA President. If the item is Booster Club-related, it must also be approved by the Booster President. Both the PTA and Booster Club have their own policies about who else needs to review the information before it goes to the President. Either President that approves the item will then take the item to the Principal for approval. Parents should not go directly to the Principal unless the PTA or Booster Club is not involved.

Note: It is very important that all flyers, letters, posters, banners, emails, robocalls, etc,… be approved (even if a very similar one was approved previously), as small mistakes can always be made. The Presidents and the Principal are not just looking for inappropriate content and typos, they are trying to make sure that the logistics are correct and current. They want to ensure that the big picture makes sense and that all events and activities merge together seamlessly.

Hanging things up:

  • Anything hung up on the interior walls must be hung up using BLUE PAINTER’s TAPE. No other type of tape may be used.
  • Do NOT hang anything on the front of glass cases,…you are covering us what is inside the cases. This is disrespectful and it looks bad.
  • Do not cover up stuff on bulletin boards or classroom boards. If there is extra room on a classroom board, you may hang something there. If the teacher uses pins, use the provided pins.
  • If you are hanging up banners on the outside fences, use zip ties. Note: Banners require a special permit from the District. You must work with the Booster President to acquire this permit in advance.

Shared Items:

If there are shared items (ex/ the credit card machine) it is imperative that you return it to its home immediately after each use so that the next person can find it. When your event is over, you need to put both the machine and it’s charging cord back where it goes (or contact the next person who will need it) so that there is no emergency. There needs to be good communication about what Chairs need. Another example is during the Back to School Picnic. The Book Fair and the Picnic need to communicate with each other about how many tables each will need so that they can determine whether there will be enough and whether they will need to rent any additional tables.