First Day Packets

Welcome Roosevelt Families! We are shifting toward a new parent portal to deliver your child’s first day packet electronically this year.


Please be aware that the first day packet forms will not be available in the parent portal until 8/24/20. You should receive an email on 8/24 with a link to the portal in Illuminate. The deadline for completion is 8/28.

We first need to get all portals enabled by the parents before we can proceed. Each parent has their own unique portal key and the information that needs to be entered to get started is the parent information, not the student information.  To sign up, you will need your contact name and portal key as it appears in our system. Your contact name in our system was sent to your registered email address, within Your Child’s Class Placement email.

If you need your name as it appears in our system, and/or your Parent Portal Access Key, please contact Estela Flores at

To enable to the portal, click the button below and click on “Create an Account”. If the system says that you are already registered for a parent portal, you likely signed up at some point.  Your username would be your email address. You can use this to reset your password. If you have more than one child, you can toggle in between them in your parent portal by following the instructions below.

Illuminate Login


  1. Please email Joy Magallanes at  Please include your child’s name, grade ID # (if you know it) and the school they are attending.  Once she links your children, please proceed with step 2 below.
  2. Click your child‘s name  (on the left – you will see a small pull down arrow) and choose from the students in the list. OR Click Select Student (toward the upper right of the screen) and choose from the students in the list.

Review your grade-level School Supply Lists here.



$15 Suggested Donation

Your Safety donation will help fund emergency and earthquake supplies as well as fund child safety programs.

We are constantly reviewing which supplies would be useful to acquire to ensure our children will not suffer in the event of an extended lockdown caused by any security or other emergency situation. This year we will not be requiring parents to provide a personal earthquake bag as the School District will be providing water and granola bars.

We are committed to making our school as safe and prepared as we can ever be for your children.  We sincerely appreciate your continued and generous support.

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We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for Roosevelt to have active parents volunteering, joining, and donating to PTA Annual Giving and the Santa Monica Education Foundation. It supports our schools, helps grow better children, and reaffirms the powerful community around Roosevelt.

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