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We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for Roosevelt to have active parents volunteering, joining, and donating to PTA Annual Giving and the Santa Monica Education Foundation. It supports our schools, helps grow better children, and reaffirms the powerful community around Roosevelt.

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The PTA gives parents a network to share experiences, ideas and concerns within the school community. There is no better way to promote the welfare of all children at Roosevelt than by joining the PTA.

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PTA Annual Giving


Per Student Goal

Annual Giving pays for things we take for granted – desks and chairs, SmartBoards, computers, field trips, and our campus – things not funded by the State or District.

One TIme DonationRecurring Donation

Help pay for:

  • Ongoing technology upgrades and educational (math/reading/typing) software programs
  • Classroom supplies like paper, folders, tissues, paper towels, wipes
  • Furniture (tables and desks)
  • Other equipment like printers, copiers
  • Improvements to the school environment such as trees, seating, and shade
  • Special programs, field trips, and assemblies

Every gift counts, no matter the size. Make your donations online or make a check payable to “Roosevelt Booster Club” and leave it in the main office.

Education Foundation


Per Student Goal

Santa Monica Education Foundation helps fund much-needed personnel and programs for all children in the district.

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These personnel and programs help make Roosevelt the incredible school that it is, but can only continue with your generous financial support.

What It Covers:

  • A comprehensive arts program for every student
  • Highly-trained Instructional Assistants
  • Discretionary Grant of $85,138 to fund: Columbia University Teachers College on-site staff development and coaching for teachers and a health office specialist 5 days a week
  • Recorders for every 3rd grader
  • Semi-private music lessons and instruments for qualifying students
  • Ballroom Dance for 5th graders
  • Library books and materials

The suggested district-wide ask is $750 per child, but this is only a suggestion. We ask that families donate an amount that is meaningful to them; we know some families can donate a lot more than that, and others cannot.

Safety Donation


Suggested Donation

Your Safety donation will help fund emergency and earthquake supplies as well as fund child safety programs.

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We are constantly reviewing which supplies would be useful to acquire to ensure our children will not suffer in the event of an extended lockdown caused by any security or other emergency situation. This year we will not be requiring parents to provide a personal earthquake bag as the School District will be providing water and granola bars.

We are committed to making our school as safe and prepared as we can ever be for your children.  We sincerely appreciate your continued and generous support.

Our goal for Roosevelt is 100% participation in giving to BOTH the Roosevelt PTA Direct Investment Fund and Santa Monica Education Foundation.