Parents of 5th graders team up during their child’s final year at Roosevelt to organize and run a variety of fundraising activities to benefit the 5th grade.  Bake Sales, Late Start Breakfasts, Movie Night, Book Sales and more all raise money to sponsor 5th-grade activities:  The three day trip to Pali Camp in the Spring, the Culmination Ceremony, Field Day, and the 5th Grade Graduation Party – all held the final week of school.  Fifth-grade families are invited to participate in this committee in support of your graduating 5th graders.

In order to make these events happen, we need lots of help fundraising and planning. Please consider leading a fundraiser (new ideas welcome!) or volunteering at one or more of the many events listed below. Also, your participation and attendance is vital to the success of these fundraisers and will determine the success and budget for the culmination events for our kids!

To join the committee email 

To sign up to help with one of the events listed below CLICK HERE


Sept 25 – Bake Sale @ Back to School Picnic (Chairperson Rose)

Seeking volunteers to donate and sell baked goods 4:30-6: 30 pm.

Oct 9 – Family Movie Night (Co-Chairs Mira & Vicki)

Movie on the Big Yard starting at 6 pm. A movie, food offerings, and concessions under the stars!

Oct 17  – Breakfast with Friends (Co-Chairs Kathy & Kari)

Join us for bagels, donuts, and coffee on the Front Lawn for Late Start Wednesdays before a Spirit Assembly!

Nov 30 – Orange Theory Fitness  (Co-Chairs Val & Anna)

Join us for an hour of high-intensity interval training and stay for wine! 7:00-8:30pm. $25 per person all proceeds go to our class fun. Limited spots available – SIGN UP HERE NOW

Dec 1 – Bake Sale @ Holiday Boutique (CHAIRPERSON NEEDED)

Seeking volunteers to donate and sell baked goods 11:00am-4: 00 pm.

Jan 9  & May 1  – Breakfast with Friends (Co-Chairs Kathy & Kari)

Join us for bagels, donuts, and coffee on the Front Lawn for Late Start Wednesdays before a Spirit Assembly!

Additional Fundraisers (more info and dates to come): Fitness Fundraisers, Book Drive & Sales, Restaurant Nights, etc


Monday (June 10) – CULMINATION Ceremony starts at 10:00 am on the Big Yard. All 5th Grade Families are invited. (C0-Chairs Val & Anna)

Your 5th Graders will receive their diplomas on-stage with the Principal during an elegant ceremony on the field. After the Ceremony, you may sign your child out for the day or they may stay at school.

Tuesday (June 11) – FIELD DAY1:00-3:00 pm on the Big Yard. 5th Grade Students only; Lunch provided. (CHAIRPERSON NEEDED)

Your children will spend the day on the field playing games, eating food and enjoying each other’s company while enjoying Olympic themed-fun.

Wednesday (June 12) – GRADUATION PARTY 10:00AM-12:00PM. 5th Grade Students Only; Lunch provided (Co-Chairs Kathy & Christina)

After signing yearbooks in the morning, the 5th graders will all go to the Auditorium, where parents have transformed the space into an amazing dance party for them. They will have fun and have a great provided lunch until early dismissal. MINIMUM DAY.


March 28 5th Grade Panoramic Photo

April 3-5 Pali Camp