Read-A-Thon Donation

Pop Open a Good Book!

During the Read-A-Thon every child in the school maintains a reading log. For younger students who are not independent readers yet, this includes their “being read to” time and even “sitting and looking” at a book.

Students have the option of gathering sponsors to make pledges for their reading time or for a flat donation. Any amount raised with help and is greatly appreciated! The sponsors are typically you, family, close friends and neighbors, and parents’ work associates. Sponsors may also donate online at . Some parents choose to share the donation link on social media to help their child gather donations. No child should to go door-to-door. See the enclosed Sponsor Envelope and Prize Sheet for more details on how to donate and win prizes for money raised to support our school. Make sure to turn in the Sponsor Envelope and donations by March 5 to be eligible for prizes.

All donations are due by March 5th to be eligible for prizes. Don’t forget to enter Student Name during checkout!

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