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The PTA meets twice monthly (one general meeting and one executive board meeting). All are welcome at both meetings. Please join the PTA and renew your membership annually because only members with paid up dues may vote on issues raised at the meetings.
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What’s the Value of PTA Membership?

With more than one million members, California State PTA is the largest volunteer organization in the state dedicated to improving the wellbeing of all children and youth.

Joining PTA supports local, state and national efforts to improve the education of children and the lives of families. Membership provides the opportunity for individuals to raise their voices with others throughout the state and nation to protect children’s rights. Membership ensures that PTA’s voice is heard on issues affecting young people as well as providing opportunities for parent education, communication and leadership development. 

Getting involved in PTA builds skills in leadership, communication and advocacy. Active members are a valuable community resource for starting and maintaining projects to benefit children.

Academic studies prove that kids do better when parents are involved:

  • Grades are higher
  • Test scores improve
  • Attendance increases

Connects you to a network

  • Share ideas, concerns and experiences with others in the school community
  • PTA events provide opportunities to meet other parents and teachers

Means more informed parents

  • PTA parents understand the challenges schools face – and become part of the solution
  • PTA parents support improving education, both locally and legislatively
  • Parent awareness = improved student achievement = school develops a positive reputation in the community

Boosts children’s well-being

  • PTA focuses on what students need to be successful in learning
  • PTA works with school administrators to ensure that children are prepared to succeed

Gets you connected and adds your voice to others