Welcome to the Roosevelt PTA!

The PTA is committed to supporting and speaking on behalf of all the children at the Roosevelt. We try to encourage parent involvement and strengthen the connection between families and the school. Joining the PTA is a wonderful way to serve and promote the welfare of all children at Roosevelt.

Why Get Involved

Getting involved builds skills in leadership, communication and advocacy. Active members are a valuable community resource for starting and maintaining projects to benefit children.

  • Academic studies prove that kids do better when parents are involved. Grades are higher, test scores improved and attendance increases!
  • Get connected and have your voice heard. Share your ideas, concerns and experiences with others in the school community.
  • Be better informed. PTA parents understand the challenges schools face and become part of the solution for improving education, both locally and legislatively. 

How to Get Involved

The PTA meets twice monthly (one general meeting and one executive board meeting). All are welcome at both meetings. Please join the PTA and renew your membership annually ($10 a year) because only members with paid up dues may vote on issues raised at the meetings. The best way to get involved is to attend the next PTA Meeting or contact us here.

Donate to the PTA

You can also show your support for all the projects and events made possible by the PTA by making a donation today. The suggested donation per child is $450. All contributions are appreciated and valued, whether significantly lower or higher than the suggested donation. Please give what you can, even if it falls short of what you wish you could do.

Our goal for Roosevelt is 100% participation in giving to both the Roosevelt PTA Direct Investment Fund and Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation. Every gift counts, no matter the size.