October 29th

Reflections Art Program

What is Reflections? It is a national art program that encourages kids from every grade to create art! Each year there is a theme that must be considered when creating and this year it is “Look Within”.

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Celebrating 50 Years of National PTA REFLECTIONS and honoring Roosevelt Artists!

Congratulations to all the artists who participated in Reflections this year!  It was an incredible turnout!  We had our first 3D entries, more songs and films than ever before and wonderful photography, dance and visual arts submissions.  During the celebration we had two volunteer string duet performances creating a beautiful atmosphere!

While we do want to celebrate every artist a single piece from each category must be selected to move on to the next round of judging for our district.  Judges who are experts in their field and who do not have children who attend Roosevelt nor have a special attachment to any of the artists were asked to choose.  Art is very subjective and different judges may have chosen different pieces.  Each judge was given a rubric for scoring which put a lot of weight on the interpretation of the theme which is the subject / title / artist statement and also considers creativity and grade level appropriate technique.

Congratulations to the artists whose work was selected to move on to the district judging the full list is below.  Two artists have work that was selected at the district level to move on and is currently being judged at the regional level: Annabelle Lee with her Literature entry “Benched” and Marleigh Neumeyer for her Special Artist entries in Literature “Feel the Sky”, Photography “Beauty In The Sky”, Music Composition “The Moon Shines In You”, Film Composition “A Diabetes Story”,  and Visual Art “Music Is In Me”.  Artwork that moves on to the state level will be updated here.


  • Special Artist Selection “Feel the Sky” by Marleigh Neumeyer
  • 3-5th Selection “Benched” by Annabelle Lee
  • TK-2nd Selection “Butterfly & Bee” by Eleanor Redmond
  • Honorable Mention “Looking Within” by Freddie Estrada
  • Honorable Mention “Ode to the Heart” Fiona M. Vader


  • Special Artist Selection “Beauty In The Sky” by Marleigh Neumeyer
  • 3-5th Selection “Girl Power” by Gabi Brito
  • Honorable Mention “Give Love” by Leo Weatherford
  • Honorable Mention “Within the Cup” & “Dark Behind the Color” by Carina Redmond

Dance Choreography

  • 3-5th Selection “Comfort, Love and Hope” by Carina Redmond

Music Composition

  • Special Artist Selection “The Moon Shines In You” by Marleigh Neumeyer
  • 3-5th Selection “Open The Door” by Harper Ryan
  • TK-2nd Selection “Look In” by Eleanore Redmond
  • Honorable Mention “Sea and Me” by Carina Redmond
  • Honorable Mention “One Thing” by Lara Masood

Film Composition

  • Special Artist Selection “A Diabetes Story” by Marleigh Neumeyer
  • 3-5th Selection “Everything is Food” by Leo Manzur
  • TK-2nd Selection “Stingray Grabs the Remote” by Isabela Bolanos
  • Honorable Mention “Me” by Emily Litak
  • Honorable Mention “Look Within” by Amelia Drozdz

Visual Art

  • Special Artist Selection “Music Is In Me” by Marleigh Neumeyer
  • 3-5th Selection “World Love” by Malina Huberman
  • TK-2nd Selection “Unicorns I Love” by Emma Kapczynski
  • Honorable Mention “My Heart Chakra” by Marley Phasavath
  • Honorable Mention “Me Fish” by Qiao Ren
  • Honorable Mention “Look Within Me and See All The Places I’ve Been” by Soraya Sabine
  • Honorable Mention “Nature Flowing” by Anara Famili Sabine

Entry Form (Same for for all categories)

What is Reflections? It is a national art program that encourages kids from every grade to create art! Each year there is a theme that must be considered when creating and this year it is “Look Within”

Categories and Specific Information:


Thanks to the volunteers who hosted art making events and the student who joined in after school and during lunch!

Parents – we need volunteers for next year!

Please help us make this a terrific event for the kids! If you have questions or want to get involved, please email: Teddyreflections@gmail.com

To Volunteer on the Reflections Committee please sign up here:


Roosevelt Winner!

Last year, Marleigh Neumeyer, a Roosevelt 4th grader won the California State Award for Music Composition!

Click here to listen to the song.

Maybe this year it will be your child!  Submit as many times as you want in as many categories as you like!

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