Arrival & Dismissal

Rules for a Safe Arrival and Dismissal

  • No waiting curbside. Cars cannot park or wait curbside at the Lincoln Blvd. entrance or 9th Street. If you do not immediately see your child at dismissal, you must circle around.
  • No jaywalking. Do not drop off or pick up your child from the opposite side of the street where they will need to jaywalk.
  • Use the crosswalks. All parents and students must use the designated crosswalks to cross the street to enter or leave the school.
  • No staff parking. Parents should never pull into the staff parking lot driveway. The driveway must remain clear during arrival and dismissal.
  • No U-turns. Cars should never do U-turns on Lincoln Blvd. or 9th Street after drop off or pick up.

We Need Everyone’s Help!

  • The Santa Monica Police Department has helped us create the safest dismissal procedures possible, and has committed to being around the perimeter of Roosevelt from 2:45 – 3:15 p.m.
  • Staff members have been serving on gate duties at Lincoln and 9th Street in their orange vests, reminding students to wait until their parent pulls up to the curb to load safely.
  • Crossing guards help everyone cross the street safely and they do it with a smile.
  • Families are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk to Roosevelt or find legal parking in the neighborhood and then walk.