We are a Cool Tools School!
Cool Tools is designed to help build, maintain & repair relationships, & to help children learn how to handle conflict. Prevention through instruction is the key. Along with the “tools,” children learn a common language for understanding and mediating conflict. Cool Tools is NOT designed for bullying but for teachable moments. (View the following information as a powerpoint here: Cool Tools Training Presentation)

The use of Cools Tools is always Roosevelt’s first approach for mediation- Prevention, Intervention, Building Relationships, Maintaining Relationships, Repairing Relationships.

Student Confidentiality
All students have the right to privacy. We must maintain the integrity and diversity of our campus. Different learning styles, abilities, and behaviors will be observed. When grading papers or working with students, it is important not to share how a student is doing with others, including a student’s parents.

If a student tells you something in confidence (e.g., expresses thoughts of hurting self or others or is being hurt), this should immediately be shared directly with the teacher. Roosevelt School personnel will contact the appropriate authorities or parents, as indicated.

Discipline = An Opportunity
To learn and grow, children must take risks and make mistakes. We strive to maintain an environment in which: Children feel safe taking risks as they learn, Expectations and consequences are clear to all, Children feel supported when they make mistakes.

School and families work together to guide children to make positive behavioral changes to promote healthy relationships.

Cool Tools:

My Bubble – Personal Space, Consideration, Cue: How can you situate yourself to avoid conflict?, Are you in his/her bubble?, Where is your bubble?

Microphone – Concept: Choice of voice, Value: Integrity, Cue: Let’s practice using an “I” statement, not using “you” statements, Lesson: Tone

Tube of Toothpaste – Concept: Cleaning up communication, Corresponding value: Responsibility, Cues: “Are there words that need to be cleaned up in order to repair hurt feelings?” “Once repairs are made, you can resolve the conflict.” “Next time, how can you choose your words more carefully?”, Review concept of Put-downs, Lesson: Discussion of residual damage

Foam Dice – Concept: Communication, Value: Kindness, Cue: How can you communicate to prevent, conflict?, Cue: Could you give him/her a put up to help resolve this conflict?, Lesson: Put-ups and Put Downs

BIG MISTAKES Eraser – Concept: Compassion and closure, Corresponding value-Forgiveness, Cue: “Once the conflict is resolved (win-win or agree to disagree), can you forgive and move on?”, Erase the blame, erase the shame

Lesson: 3Rs of learning from mistakes. Recognition – starting with an “I” statement, Regret – for hurting another, Repair – of the personal or community relationship.

Exit Shoes – Concept: Decision-making, Cue: Sometimes we’re too upset to solve a problem, It’s okay to walk away.