Roosevelt Wellness Committee

In the spring of 2019, the Roosevelt PTA voted to add a Wellness Committee to its PTA as an official advocacy group for our children.  The Wellness Committee will find ways to cultivate a healthier environment at Roosevelt such as adding filtered, outdoor, water bottle filling stations, offering healthier snacks at Popcorn Fridays, planning activities around our school gardens, nutritional and mindful health education and much more.  If health and wellness is your passion, particularly when it comes to our children, we hope you’ll join us!

What we’ve accomplished so far:

  • Established a dedicated Wellness Committee
  • Assisted the Green Team in adding Recycling/Trash/Compost signage in the cafeteria and outdoor eating areas
  • Secured PTA approval and funds for an outdoor filtered water bottle filling station that will be installed by the district by Thanksgiving.
  • Abolished the “treat cart” in the cafeteria
  • Educated parents through Facebook Parent Community Group posts and the Teddy Times on how to “Opt Out” of chocolate milk in the cafeteria (See below if you missed that one!)
  • Using PTA approved funds, purchased a Flowater, filtered water bottle filling station- November 2019
  • With Ms. Holeva’s site funds and PTA funds, purchased paper towel holders and mister water sprayers to allow for kids to clean up their mess during nutrition and lunch. – January 2020

Did you know SMMUSD updated their Wellness Policy?  Our committee will find ways to cultivate a healthy environment at Roosevelt while working with this policy.  Check it out here: ? 

Did you know that students who eat in the cafeteria can choose chocolate milk when they go through the line?  You can “opt out” of chocolate milk and your child will only be permitted to take the low fat white milk. Simply email and let them know you don’t want your child to have chocolate milk.  Please include your child’s student ID and school site, Roosevelt.


Our committee also participates on a Santa Monica parent volunteer group, PAHF (Parents Advocating Healthy Food). It is a district wide group of parents with representatives from each school who meet once a month and focus on improving the cafeteria offerings. Their goal is to get more kids eating in the cafeteria, as long as there are healthy choices, as the district loses over one million dollars a year on food services. After researching the issue and working with the district it was recommended that more “scratch meals” were needed in order to increase the number of students choosing a cafeteria lunch.  It was also determined that updated kitchen equipment was needed to accomplish this goal. With PAHF leading the charge, the district bought new equipment for some sites and are now making and distributing about one scratch meal a week. Visit their website here to learn more:

To join the Roosevelt Wellness Committee please email our chairperson, Danielle Litak at